Azienda Agricola Il Mulino

Via Forno Brolo 35, 25061 Bovegno (BS)

+39 340 4104060

We are a cattle-breeding farm located in Bovegno, Alta Valle Trompia; we raise dairy goats.

We own about sixty milk-giving animals; from March to November, we use that milk daily to make fresh and mature cheeses, yoghurts, and cottage cheeses in our CE-certified dairy.

Our cheeses are manufactured from raw milk, using lactic coagulation in most of them, and rennet-based curdling in some of them. All our cheese making processes are manual, from processing to ageing, and no additives are added.

Our cheeses are matured using fodder made at our farm, with chestnut and walnut leaves, with pomace, and with different flavours.

Thanks to the 30 plants in our small orchard we have a small production of jams that can be combined with our cheeses.

In Autumn, in our factory we make cured meats and meat sauces using goat and pork meat following traditional methods.

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