The network

A Farm fit to farmers

The Rebecco Farmers are a group of farmers and dairy producers from Valle Trompia who started a consolidated process aimed at creating a network of undertakings. The network is not closed but rather open to new members.

The aim is to create a Centre for the Enhancement and Development of the Rural Culture of the Region within the Rebecco Farm. This centre is run by those who are a direct expression of rural culture: farmers and dairy farm producers from Valle Trompia.

The idea is to create a farm to fit farmers, a place where both tourists and residents can find what rural culture is gradually losing: direct contact with the producer, with the fields where fruits grow, and with the final product, processed and ready to be tasted.

The farm on the mountains of Alta Valle Trompia transforms fresh
goat’s milk into yoghurt, cottage cheeses, and fresh and mature cheeses, which can be combined with our small selection of jams. We also make cured meats of various kinds and ragout following traditional methods.

Family-run farm active since 2007 located at the Rebecco Farm, but with land also cultivated in Gardone V.T. and in Noffo di Pertica Alta. Various types of fruit are grown on this farm: apples, pears, cherries, berries, mostly ancient varieties.

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