Rebecco Rural Tourism

Loc. Rebecco, frazione di Lavone, Pezzaze 25060 (BS)

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Rural tourism at Pezzaze, Alta Valle Trompia

The Rebecco rural tourism services started after an old melting furnace was repaired and renovated. The coal bunkers and the barn have been renovated so that now you can relax in comfortable rooms, taste and buy local products at the dining hall, and stroll amid the rows of fields of soft fruit on the banks of the Mella river.

Since the farm is strategically close to the Greenway of the Resilient Valleys, it is the perfect place to stay if you are a bicycle tourism lover.

The place still recalls its old use as a barn since the original floor and walls were kept. Outside the building, the view of the cultivated fields is stunning.

What you can do with us

Are you crazy about soft fruit? Then this experience is the one for you. With the splendid backdrop of the Rebecco Farm, farmers Mario and Matteo will accompany you to discover soft fruit, their characteristics, cultivation methods and their use in cuisine.

Duration: 2,5 h + tasting

Azienda Agricola Turrini, Loc. Rebecco, frazione di Lavone, Pezzaze 25060 (BS)

€ 25
Per person / Taxes included in the indicated price

Have you always dreamt of having a goat?
Now your dream may come true! At Il Mulino farm, young Elisa is waiting for you in the barn where you can meet many goats and choose your favourite one.

Duration: 2 h

Azienda Agricola Il Mulino, Via Forno Brolo, 25061, Bovegno (BS)

€ 15
Per person / Taxes included in the indicated price

If you love nature and outdoor life and you think you deserve a break amid peacefulness, Chichimela is your ideal place. Francesca and her family are waiting for you to collect together certified organic blueberries and to taste their typical products.

Duration: 2,5 h

Azienda Agricola Chichimela, Via Sant'Andrea, 107, 25061 Bovegno BS

€ 30
Per person / Taxes included in the indicated price

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